And lo! he spoke!

After an entire week (almost) of almost complete silence – save for a whimper and a whine or two on a night – Jasper finally, finally barked!

I was genuinely confused by his muteness – everything I knew and had read suggested puppies are needy and yappy and pathetic, but he was the opposite. He was meek and quiet and lovely, though I must say I was not fooled for a minute. My worrier mode saw to it that I was expecting an about-turn at any minute – from textbook wonderdog to anti-social behaviour order overnight, our serene oasis of calm and awe perched on a knife-edge.

Today was not that day. But it was the beginning of something. He found his voice; used it to apparently intimidate a length of wrapping paper tube I had hidden treats in and plugged up that confused the life out of him.

Hilarious and adorable, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But for how long…


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