How to win friends…

Today I decided, paranoid that we were rapidly missing the optimum window for ‘socialisation’, to reach out to my brother and partner for a lend of their dog. They are – my Scottish in-laws aside – the only people we know well enough, with a dog, so it was them or nothing (until we find an unfully-booked puppy class).

So it was that Jasper met the Jug, Peaches (Jack Russell x Pug, in case you’re confused!). Having not made the time to look into how these sorts of things are meant to go, we all went in blind but, as we all came out with our eyes intact, I consider it a successful meeting. They sniffed each other a lot, chased and weaved across the living room floor and wrestled to almost the very cusp between playful and aggressive. Sadly, we were advised not to take the rough and tumble outside – because Peaches the Jug can jump the front fence.

Given that a spaniel is said to be one of the more intelligent (and athletic) dogs, I left with an ominous foreboding of the misadventures Jasper will soon be finding for himself…


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