We are incredibly lucky here to live so close to so many amazing and beautiful areas. Indeed, it was whilst walking in so many of these places that the urge to have a dog grew too strong to resist. We were envious of the fun everyone else seemed to be having, trekking through woodland, throwing balls on the beach… It seemed a great way to exercise, and relax, and also make the most of the fantastic places we have nearby. We felt like the odd ones out, walking for the sake of walking, without companionship save for each other.

Tomorrow is when that all changes. Tomorrow we will be one of that (not-so) exclusive group. We have beaches, and beaches, and beaches, and country parks, and countryside and wonderful walking opportunities galore, and we intend to savour every second of visiting them come rain or shine.

We will be the people, in wellies and raincoats, trudging wearily and cussing. We will be those stood by the boot of their car, changing their shoes and towelling down a wet, muddy and hyperactive dog.

We will be those people, and we welcome it.

Bring on the walkies!


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