Today’s the day!

Today is the day Jasper is allowed his freedom, and frankly, it’s not a day too soon! Yesterday he leapt into a whole new level of misbehaviour and had us at our wits’ end by bedtime. Jumping-up is the worst, followed quickly by the repeated deconstruction of the bedding in his crate, all across the kitchen floor.

We also had our first furniture-chew yesterday, a tiny frayed corner of a sofa cushion, so we’re feeling suitably fatigued and, moreso, frustrated with ourselves for not being quite vigilant enough.

We’re looking forward to seeing his response to the great outdoors, and its effect on him. Online literature and advice varies so widely on quite how much exercise he needs and should be getting – from 5 minutes per month of age, to ‘let your puppy tell you when he’s tired’ to 20 minutes twice a day. In the event, the walk we’re heading for is only short, so should appease each of these. For me it is as much about him meeting other dogs and smelling other smells as it is about exercise, at this stage.

But we do hope, silently and with crossed fingers, that he might feel a little too pooped to take a liking to the sofa again.


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