A Walk on the Wild Side

Weetslade Country Park today, and we took my Mum with us, since she’s on a health kick and enjoying the exercise. I like Weetslade a lot, as there is a variety of routes to walk and most of it (the below part excluded!) has a fence or tree boundary on either side so there is very little mischief Jasper can get up to off his lead. It’s usually also bustling with bikes and other dogs, so that’s useful!

The trouble with it is, though, that it is always, always blowing a gale there. Except the one time I took a kite to fly there. So it was that we set off in the howling, bitter wind and the occasional sleeting. As you can see, the going was… Heavy!

For good measure, Jasper saw fit to launch himself wholeheartedly into a bush, which, to my eye, was thick and prickly and a stupid thing to do. He, though, emerged with vigour, apparently loving it. My poor Mother had kittens but I concluded that, as a working Cocker, it’s the sort of thing he has in his genes, scurrying through god-knows-what-kind-of-undergrowth.


To my amazement, he followed a ‘Sit’ command at the top of the pit heap and posed for a photo:


And of course, after such a muddy trek, we returned home to what is becoming the customary ritual at the minute…


… Bath time!!

We’re still pretty unsure, though, how he feels about it. He’s getting better at sitting still while he’s hosed down, but seems generally useless at getting dried! I thought he’d want to rub himself along/across almost anything he could but so far is actively avoiding being covered in a towel or blanket! Still. He gets clean!

Next adventure please!


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