The Travelling Man

Yes, that’s right: road trip! Jasper’s first, and hopefully the first of many.

It did not begin well for him…

He watched confused as we emptied and collapsed the crate that he calls home and bed, and duly climbed atop the pile as we gathered the rest of the luggage we would need for the simple day-trip down to Lincolnshire to see a friend and her family. I felt for him really, as I’m sure it’ll have made absolutely no sense to him.

We were curious to how he would manage in the car. He has, lately, grown incredibly settled riding in the back and often just lies down (I cannot yet interest him in sticking his head out the window… Those ears, though!), but he hasn’t, obviously, yet had to spend almost three hours in it. As such we built time into our schedule for two or three stops, to give him the chance for a toilet break.


In the event he made himself supremely comfortable and barely rose his head until we humans broke first and called in at Wetherby Services, an hour from our destination. To our surprise – and gratitude – he happily hopped out and did both numbers about the service station grass.

Though it was a complete change of scenery for him, we tried to maintain his routine (hence taking his crate) so he had an afternoon walk, lunch at the same time etc. We’d also packed a couple of his favourite toys and a chew to keep him occupied a little so we could relax while we chatted and engaged with Chloe, the 6-month-old little girl.

Jasper was rather fascinated with her, in fact, and inspected her frequently. For her part, she had little interest in him mostly, until the one moment he was close enough to grab a fistful of his feathery leg fur! Interestingly, Jasper didn’t respond at all – no wince or shock or anything, much less a snap or a growl.¬†Perhaps there’s some sense in the theory that dogs instinctively know to be more gentle with human younglings.

All in all, he did himself – and us – proud indeed. He was an absolute star and relatively easy to decamp and take visiting. Frankly, I think he’d be happy anywhere he was receiving attention!


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