You don’t have to be mad…

… but if you’re not, getting a dog will soon do it for you.

Yes, after a torturous Friday with an irrepressible Jasper, it was decided that we would be visiting the beach on Saturday morning, since I didn’t start work ’til 12pm. Andrew, sadly, was working and missed out. I’m sure he’s gutted…

The weather, as is becoming customary now, was absolutely wild in every degree. The rain was freezing and whipped the face; the wind was wicked and pushed you this way and that so you couldn’t walk a straight line and the sea was a broiling, foaming rage.

Still: pup clearly has too much energy and is ready for a more thorough walk, and he should probably get used to this kind of outdoor setting… So we went. And I promise you, there are not enough layers in the world that could have kept me warm on that beach.

We lasted about twenty minutes until he began charging through the puddled ruts left by the tide after the ball I was kicking for him, at which point I decided his shivering almost definitely meant he’d contract hypothermia and I hurried him back to the car to towel him off vigourously.

Though I endured the experience mostly cursing Andrew for jumping the gun and not waiting ’til May to get a dog like we’d agreed, it worked. He had a nice, restful, undestructive day the rest of the day, which means that I’m now obliged, forever and ever, to brave the wintry wilds for the sake of a bit of peace.


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