If you go down to the woods today…

We went to the woods today, and we did, indeed, get a surprise.

It was, of course, a treacherously muddy and appallingly miserable day but no, that didn’t stop us – on we went. Because exercise. Because responsibilities.

Plessey Woods is nice – lovely for a dog; lovely for anyone, in the summer. Today it was dull, stark and all but empty. It has many different trails to follow, is generally quaint and beautiful, it has a meadow, and bridges over streams, and a river flowing right through it…

Ah yes. The river. The swollen, swift and silted river. Here’s a picture of Jasper walking along by it quite happily…


What follows is the last known sighting of the yellow rubber ball…

Ah, look how smart he is. By the river. With his ball.

… Because someone proceeded to throw it for him and had to watch as it veered off left towards the riverbank. It didn’t stop, Jasper certainly didn’t stop, and they both went over.

What happened next is a mish-mash of our respective memories and perspective, but suffice it to say that Andrew went in fairly quickly after him and deposited him back on the bank, where we stood and watched the little yellow ball float off.

There are no ill-effects, save for the shock and worry Andrew and I blew through in that split-second – Jasper was, and is, unconcerned. We don’t fancy his diving career, though. Better than Tom Daley, but not as good as Chris Mears.

The drowned rat and his saviour, whose jeans were far lighter when we left home

Lesson learned, though – no ball games next to raging rivers!



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