The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

That’s right, a trifecta of Jasper developments… Now in which order to put them…

I’ll begin with the negatives and end on the positive, I think. To offer… Hope. And a degree of redemption.
So, the Bad

Having been let out in the garden, unsupervised for all of five minutes, Jasper managed to completely empty one half of the planter by the back door.


The Ugly

Chewing. Chewing and more chewing. Every last thing he can lay his teeth on, namely, today, one of the decorative cushions on the couch. Still… A fraying edge here and there really adds to the shabby-chic look.

But… The Good

We think, tentatively, that he has grasped ‘Paw’ – an obscure and wholly insignificant tool in the obedience toolkit, which I recognise is little more than a party trick.

In short, we have an unruly, destructive, chewing dog who cannot lie down or stay and is still peeing inside but it’s all OK because it’s cute as Hell when he gives you his paw.

Yeah… I know.


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