Puppy Class IV: N/A

Week Four of Puppy Class and I’m afraid we missed it.

It was due, in large part, to being otherwise occupied at a hospital and not getting away in time to attend, but we did, during the long hours of waiting, both discuss the decision not to go regardless.

We both feel it has not taught us anything particular that we did not know ourselves, or could not figure out ourselves. I would go further and say that it did not go far enough in its purpose.

Yes, tell the dog to sit, or stay… But what about when he doesn’t? What should we do then? What should we be doing if he lies instead of sits? What tips and tricks, in her professional expertise, should we be trying to encourage him to do these things? Her approach, instead, is to simply expect them to happen – when she really ought to know better. A puppy is as likely to walk backwards and crap on your foot as it is to sit and stay.

Add to this a sense of inconsistency in the little advice she does put forth, and it contributes to a general sense of frustration and exhaustion. Praise the dog but don’t praise him too much, scold the dog but don’t scold too harshly, show him love and affection but don’t let him forget who’s in charge… All fine, but absent of any guidance on how to execute it all.

So that’s it. The end of Puppy Class. Ditched two weeks early. And probably three weeks too late.


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