Day Tripper

Yesterday, we headed over to the Lake District, to spend the day with my parents who were holidaying there for a few days. The weather wasn’t up to much but when you have scenery like that and an energetic pup around you, it hardly seems to matter.

We spent most of our time at Coniston Water – a place I have many fond memories of and hold in high esteem as the tragic end-point for the life of Donald Campbell and his pursuit of speed records. It is, I always feel, imbued with history and sadness and stories.

We, however, had no intention of acquiring any speed, taking with us the inflatable kayak my parents had hilariously bought us for Christmas.

We sat together on the shingle shore in the breeze and talked and laughed and ate a picnic, and all the while Jasper behaved impeccably, amusing himself with sticks and debris. Though there was a car park directly behind, it was small and mostly quiet, as was the road that ran to it at the end of the shoreline. He made no inquiry into either of them, content to dart about the trees and our feet. I could not have asked for better behaviour from him.

Perhaps more than anything, though, a trip to the Lake District was a chance for some kickass photo ops! The headline image, for example, is of a lovely little coffee shop in Keswick, which we just had to have a photo of. For the rest of the adventure – and Andrew hating kayaking – see below!

Coniston Cocker
Paddle poser
Land ahoy…
… No, I’ve had enough! I’m making a swim for it!

From Coniston Water, we travelled north to Keswick, with enough time to spare to fit in a long, leisurely walk along the lakeside.

Really, Dad? Another photo? Ugh.


Ow, me bum
One man and his dog

And for good measure…

Two men and their dog

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