Well hello – hello and welcome!

This is a blog for Jasper, our new Cocker Spaniel puppy. Or, more accurately, for me, his stressed-out, run-down, overthinking parent. There’s two of us really, but my partner Andrew is not much for blogging, nor expressing himself, so… This is my little corner of the world to vent.

Jasper was born on 20th October 2016, a ‘golden’ English Cocker Spaniel, from working stock rather than show. His Mum was all black, his Dad lemon-and-white, but apparently his Mum’s Mum was ginger, so the gene is there. Fascinating stuff, I tell ya!?

I have only ever had West Highland Terriers before now (by which I mean two) and Andrew’s family have had a black Labrador (who may well crop up in future pictures) so our respective experience was varied. When it came to deciding on a breed together, though, it was a huge negative. I was almost dead-set on another Westie – I think they’re so incredibly handsome, and their characters are simply irrepressible. I will admit, however, it may have been largely driven by feeling short-changed from my last Westie, Finn, dying at two of bladder cancer.

Andrew, on the other hand, had very little fixed idea of a breed he would like. We began on a Beagle, but our exploration online suggested they may be rather high-maintenance (and stubborn!) which we preferred to avoid for our first foray into raising a dog. So for a long time, it looked like we’d have a Westie simply by default.

And then…. Then he spotted spaniels, here, there and everywhere, and adopted that as his choice. I did my due diligence on the breed (as I must do on every possible thing I can) and agreed they were an option. In truth, I did this mainly in the interest of balance and fairness, still quite believing we’d end up with a West Highland.

In the event, Jasper came first, was the right price, the right temperament, the right colour… Everything. And there was no reason not to say yes and bring his big, daft face into our home.

He’s not pedigree and not KC registered, nor was he really my first choice of dog, but the love he has to give and the purpose he has added to our lives means none of that matters a jot. He’s Jasper, and he’s our family.