Day Tripper

Yesterday, we headed over to the Lake District, to spend the day with my parents who were holidaying there for a few days. The weather wasn't up to much but when you have scenery like that and an energetic pup around you, it hardly seems to matter. We spent most of our time at Coniston [...]

Puppy Class II

This week it was decided - only by Andrew - that I would be holding the lead. Which was a bad idea all round. I, feeling self-conscious, fumbled and tripped my way around the room to the horsey woman's commands, completely unable to catch or keep Jasper's attention away from pretty much anything, really; the [...]

It Comes in Threes

They say it comes in threes, and it duly has, but I fully anticipate there being many, many more examples. There have now been, on three consecutive days, three people who felt compelled without the merest prompting to try and impart knowledge and/or advice. And I'm mad. These were not, I feel, innocent, warm and [...]

If you go down to the woods today…

We went to the woods today, and we did, indeed, get a surprise. It was, of course, a treacherously muddy and appallingly miserable day but no, that didn't stop us - on we went. Because exercise. Because responsibilities. Plessey Woods is nice - lovely for a dog; lovely for anyone, in the summer. Today it [...]