Jasper at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea: In Three Parts


Another day; another beach

This time Druridge Bay Country Park, somewhere we both love and you can walk for miles. It is a twenty minute drive from us but, to do now and again, is well worth it. Continue reading “Another day; another beach”

We Went Back

After the storm – after the sand and the gales and the trauma – we returned to Blyth beach a few days later for a glorious walk in the sun. It was still cold but it was refreshing and we met plenty of people to talk to – and dogs to play with!

Jasper was almost faultless, coming away when called and absolutely nailing fetching the ball and we all absolutely loved it.

(He also did OK at posing for pictures too!) Continue reading “We Went Back”

You don’t have to be mad…

… but if you’re not, getting a dog will soon do it for you.

Yes, after a torturous Friday with an irrepressible Jasper, it was decided that we would be visiting the beach on Saturday morning, since I didn’t start work ’til 12pm. Andrew, sadly, was working and missed out. I’m sure he’s gutted… Continue reading “You don’t have to be mad…”


You’ll be pleased to hear this post has absolutely nothing to do with the film franchise and contains absolutely no montages. Nor any Sylvester Stallone. No, this post is about the Big Meeting, at the weekend, between wee little Jasper and the Scottish in-laws’ big, bruising, black Labrador. Continue reading “Rocky”