Food, Glorious Food

Or not, as the case may be.

It was, if I’m honest, a point of pride that Jasper had not been introduced to human food. It meant, in practice, that he could soon be let out from behind the Baby-Gate-of-Despair whilst we ate our meals, either on the settee (bad!) or at the dining table. Continue reading “Food, Glorious Food”


Puppy Class III: The Nightmare Continues

Week Three in Puppy Class and you’re glad you weren’t there.

After my frustrations last week, Andrew was placed – by force – in the hotseat this week, dancing about the floor and doing the awkward interactions with the other idiots that paid fifty quid for this ritual humiliation.

Despite the respite I sat on the sidelines as tense, stressed and uncomfortable as anyone else in the hall. Possibly all of them combined. Continue reading “Puppy Class III: The Nightmare Continues”

The Long Weekend

Longer for some than others, it should be said. This was the weekend of my birthday, for which we had, pre-Jasper, planned an overnight in the Lake District. In the event of Jasper’s arrival, we looked to the grandparents so as not to have to alter the plans and they were only too happy to oblige.

Who knows if they will be again… Continue reading “The Long Weekend”