The face of a dog who knows he’s being cheeky…

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

That’s right, a trifecta of Jasper developments… Now in which order to put them…

I’ll begin with the negatives and end on the positive, I think. To offer… Hope. And a degree of redemption. Continue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

The Long Weekend

Longer for some than others, it should be said. This was the weekend of my birthday, for which we had, pre-Jasper, planned an overnight in the Lake District. In the event of Jasper’s arrival, we looked to the grandparents so as not to have to alter the plans and they were only too happy to oblige.

Who knows if they will be again… Continue reading “The Long Weekend”

He’s unmade his bed

and now he can’t lie in it.

This was the scene I came home to, after three hours at University today. In a fit of conscience and naïvety, I had opted to leave Jasper behind the stairgate to have the run of the kitchen in my absence.

Though there were no little gifts left, the utter destruction and ingratitude is galling enough.

In hindsight, I may have been optimistic to think he would never inspect the pillows in this much detail. They are now in the bin and he is sleeping on blankets.

We’re not concerned that he may have ingested anything untoward from his mess – he generally doesn’t – because he has been so full of beans as to be downright irritating.

The Day of Despair

It had to happen. I was waiting for it, if I’m honest. I think…

I think the honeymoon period is at the beginning of the end.

Jasper has been incredibly challenging today (a posh way of saying ‘naughty’, and without using swear words), and it’s tested my patience to its limit.

Not content with slyly switching from chewing his toy to gnawing the table legs, he saw fit to do a number on the kitchen floor while I answered the door to the postman – by which I actually mean both numbers, one and two, the second of which he helped clean up himself by eating it.


I wouldn’t care, he’d just been out fifteen minutes earlier, and done a wee!

Since then he’s attempted to chew his bedding and has been generally wilfully disobedient. I told Andrew we should have got fish…