A Wee Holiday

Aye, we've been up to bonny Scotland, taking Jasper to his Scottish grandparents' house for the first time! This meant new surroundings, new toys to play with and... Rocky the black lab! His favourite!   We walked his little legs off, visiting some beautiful places. I shall shut up and let the pictures speak for [...]


You'll be pleased to hear this post has absolutely nothing to do with the film franchise and contains absolutely no montages. Nor any Sylvester Stallone. No, this post is about the Big Meeting, at the weekend, between wee little Jasper and the Scottish in-laws' big, bruising, black Labrador.We were all, understandably, excited for this. He [...]

How to win friends…

Today I decided, paranoid that we were rapidly missing the optimum window for 'socialisation', to reach out to my brother and partner for a lend of their dog. They are - my Scottish in-laws aside - the only people we know well enough, with a dog, so it was them or nothing (until we find [...]