Man Down!

Yes, this is perhaps the most relevant update in our life during our short hiatus: my boyfriend has nobbled his foot beneath the loading ramp of a skip, leaving Jasper and I alone on our travels.

It has been seven weeks and counting, and Jasper has learned quickly. He now only approaches me when he wants to go out, and gives only me The Eyes. Bad foot or not, Andrew doesn’t know how good he has it…


We Went Back

After the storm – after the sand and the gales and the trauma – we returned to Blyth beach a few days later for a glorious walk in the sun. It was still cold but it was refreshing and we met plenty of people to talk to – and dogs to play with!

Jasper was almost faultless, coming away when called and absolutely nailing fetching the ball and we all absolutely loved it.

(He also did OK at posing for pictures too!) Continue reading “We Went Back”